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Edibles by Missourians for Missourians, inspired by our homegrown flavors.

Many Missouri apple orchards hang compact discs in their trees to scare away birds with sun reflections.

Native Americans in Missouri extracted bark from cherry trees for cough medicines and tea-like cold remedies.

Louis Bennett and his family introduced cultivated raspberries to Jackson County, Missouri in 1865.

Like the Native Americans before them, Lewis and Clark feasted on tropical-tasting pawpaw fruit during their Expedition of Discovery.

When speaking of watermelon, Missourian Mark Twain once said, “When one has tasted it, he knows what the angels eat.”

Missouri has a long history of peach orchards. From 1880 to 1890, Missouri was the largest fruit-raising state in the nation. Peaches were our second-largest crop.

Missouri foragers know to wear long pants and wrap duct tape around their ankles to protect against ticks and chiggers in the blackberry brambles.

Shop early in the season so you don’t miss a fresh favorite. Early frosts in Missouri greatly affect our peach orchards.

Pawpaw is the only tropical fruit native to Missouri. It tastes like a cross of banana and mango.

Peach Orchard, Missouri, is a town in Pemiscot County located in what's known as the Missouri bootheel.

Missouri has a long tradition of cultivating watermelon. Blodgett, Missouri, was formerly recognized as the watermelon capital of the world at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.

Concord grape vines cover more than 112 acres in the Show-Me State.

Watermelon season in Missouri is typically from June through October.

Concord grapes and our local agriculture are a perfect match thanks to Missouri's wine country.

When Louis Bennett hauled his first load of raspberries into Kansas City in 1865, locals did not know what they were!

Many Missouri state parks have pawpaw fruit trees with a foraging season of September to October.

In 2019, a 4th-grade civics lesson in St. Louis, Missouri, helped the pawpaw tree become our official designated State Fruit Tree.

Wineries in St. James, Missouri, grew Concord grapes for Welch’s grape products to preserve grape rootstocks during Prohibition.

Fresh Missouri wild cherries are inedible off the tree, but cook down to become delicious jams, jellies, and gummies.

Missouri wild raspberries tend to be smaller and sweeter than popular commercially grown varieties.

Apples are the most popularly cultivated fruit in Missouri.

On sections of old Route 66 that wind through Missouri, you’ll still encounter small family vineyards selling homemade Concord grape wine.

Missouri blackberries have high levels of antioxidants and can be used as a natural muscle relaxer.


Indica heavy effects designed to help you attain deep sleep throughout the night.

10mg CBN + 10mg THC / piece

Concord Grape

Sativa-leaning effects great for recovery and helpful to relieve pain and soreness.

100mg CBD + 10mg THC / piece

Green Apple

Balanced effects ideal for helping your flow—creatively and digestively.

10mg CBG + 10mg THC / piece

Paw Paw

A balanced, indica-leaning high that is great for attaining a vacation state of mind.

10mg CBD + 15mg CBN +10mg THC / piece
(new formulation)


Sativa effects great for daytime relief from pain, stress or anxiety. Promotes digestive health and boosts appetite.

10mg CBG + 5mg THC / piece


Balanced, indica-leaning ideal for finding your euphoria.

20mg THC + 10mg CBD / piece
(new formulation)

Sour Watermelon

Sativa effects to take the edge off to help find your harmony.

5mg CBG + 10mg THC / piece

Wild Cherry

Extra strength indica effects for high tolerances.

25mg THC / piece

Infused "Twice Baked"
Red Hot Riplets

Our Twice Baked version delivers on the classic taste and texture of the original with an extra THC kick suitable for both first-timers or edible experts.

10mg THC / serving (2 servings per bag)

The Coffee Ethic
Infused Coffee Pods

In collaboration with Springfield's noted coffee roasters, The Coffee Ethic, each pod contains Brazilian dark roast co-op coffee infused with THC, CBD and CBG.

5mg CBD + 5mg CBG + 10mg THC / pod

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A collaboration between Missouri's Own Edibles and Old Vienna of St. Louis to create "Twice Baked Red-Hot Riplets" earns a top honor.

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